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The Sandwich Recreation/Youth Soccer Program strongly recommends that two adults, be it a coach and an assistant coach, a coach and a parent, or any combination of adults responsible for a child present, be present at all times, when at least one child is present. (Excluding the coaches or other adult’s child). This should apply to all practice times, game day or any other gathering of a team in this program. The Board recognizes that this may be difficult to achieve but it works to benefit all.

The Town of Sandwich has mandated that all volunteers/coaches of Sandwich Youth Organizations be subject to a background check (CORI). This form can be found on our Downloads/Links page.  We ask that ALL coaches bring their completed CORI forms & copy of Photo ID to Coaches Night. If you are unable to attend Coaches Night, you must mail it along with a photo ID to Sandwich Youth Soccer, PO Box 601, Forestdale, MA  02644 as soon as possible.

Coaches' Corner

Practices are NOT mandatory and are at the discretion of the coaches.  As they have practice time before each game on Saturday, grades K through 2 generally do not practice during the week however a coach may choose to get the players together.  Grades 3 through 8 may practice during the week at either the Forestdale School or the Wing School from 4:30 pm to 7 pm. There are no practice fields reserved at either the Oak Ridge or High Schools.  It is recommended that there be no more than two practices a week. One is perfectly fine.

Plan on arriving at least 20 minutes prior to the start of your game time.
Fields are numbered 1 thru 11 for grades 3 thru 8 and lettered A thru F for grades K through 2. There is a board with the field layout next to the gray storage trailer.
All coaches and assistant coaches for Grades K through 2 will be given a tee shirt. This shirt will be the same color as your team with the word Coach printed on the back. Please wear this shirt on game day. This will make it easier for players to know who you are and where to go.
Please do not leave your team until all of your players have been picked up by an adult responsible for them.

Age Group Directors & Coaches will be contacted via Calling Post as soon as possible regarding game cancellation. It is the coach’s responsibility to contact players.
The first game that is cancelled will not be made up.

You may have additional players added to your team once the season is underway. For this reason you should continue to bring any extra team shirts you have on game days.
If you know of a late registration or are approached by someone who would like to register on game day please follow the following procedure:

Send late registrations to the information area located next to the gray storage shed.
At the registration area the registration form will be completed and the fee collected. The registration form will be marked paid or unpaid and returned to the player. The player is the to proceed to the appropriate age group director for team assignment.
If the fee is not paid, the player will be placed, but we ask the coach to collect the fee in a reasonable time and pass it along to a Board Member.

Orange medical boxes will be located on the lower field, upper field & at the gray shed for minor medical needs.
For major injuries, those that require an ambulance or EMT, please follow these steps:

Stop play to determine the extent of the injury.
Using any available cell phone contact the Sandwich Police Dept. at 508-888-1212 or 911
Report the injury to the information area.

Any parental complaint, player issues, conflicts with other coaches should be immediately reported to the
Age Group Director. If the AGD can not answer your questions please see a board member.

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